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Facilitation Techniques
Based on NDT Principles
Author: Lois Bly, M.A., PT, Author: Allison Whiteside, PT

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With both verbal description and sequential photographic presentation, Facilitation Techniques Based on NDT Principles describes the techniques Lois Bly and Allison Whiteside use to help their clients move more freely.

Components of Typical and Atypical Motor Development
Author: Lois Bly, M.A., PT

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Ms. Bly presents complex material on typical and atypical development in a step by step fashion, artfully leading the reader to a greater understanding of the multifaceted problems that children with movement dysfunction experience. Foreword by Lauren Beeler, PT, C/NDT.

Annotated Bibliography of NDT Peer-Reviewed Literature 1980-1995, Inclusive
Author: Mary Ann Sharkey, PhD, PT, Charlotte Brasie Royeen, PhD, OTR, Georgia A. DeGangi, PhD, OTR


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This supplement to a bibliography on inclusion of students with disabilities contains 44 abstracts of publications and videos. The first section summarizes all the articles from an issue of "The Journal of Special Education" (Summer 1995, Volume 29, Number 2) that was devoted to the subject of inclusion of students with learning disabilities.

The Bobaths: A Biography of Berta and Karel Bobath
Author: Jay Schleichkorn, PhD, PT


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In this loving biography, Jay Schleichkorn, PhD, PT, introduces the people behind the legend. The Bobaths give their long-time friend access to their personal letters, photographs and documents; agreed to hours of interviews; approved the manuscript; and added their own forward.